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Services Offered

The Pangborn® Rotoblast® system is a cost-effective means of reducing today's high manufacturing expenses while improving the quality of your product.

Our Pangborn grit blasting system works for a wide variety of steel products -- plate, sheets, strip, bars, billets, slabs, rolled and fabricated structural shapes, and miscellaneous weldments, pipe, tubing and gas cylinders.

The part opening for the system is 4’ x 8’ x 14’.  

No electron charge, no “Faraday Cage” effectAutophoretic® coating is a water immersion process that coats everything it wets. Because it is a chemical autodeposition, not an electrical process, there is no “Faraday Cage” effect. There are no bald spots that electron charges create. Autophoretic® coatings protect even the most intricate parts, inside and out simply by immersing them. The process forms a uniform film over the entire surface – even in difficult to reach areas such as the inside of pipes.


AIC has over 30 years experience in the industrial coatings business with the facilities to meet your needs. AIC offers an efficient monorail line in Waterloo and a large batch facility in Greene, each offering many coating types: Urethane, Epoxy, Waterborne, and many other specialty coatings.


Armed with a GEMA Magic Cylinder Automatic powder booth, AIC can change colors in under 5 minutes and reclaim spent powder. The powder line in Allison changes colors 12-15 times a day, on average. Parts too large for the line in Allison are coated in the 12' x 12' x 50' powder booth at the batch facility in Greene


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